Web directory for submissions

Web directory is basically a website that contains the link of all other websites and sorts the according to their categories to avail the maximum usability. They web directories are manually checked and reviewed and placed under their own specific category. The main task of web directory is to increase your web traffic with the use of links. You can mainly find two types of web directories on the internet, the one that charges an agreed fee to be added on the list. Once you pay the fees, your website would be added on to their data base immediately and posted on specific website under the stated category. There is some free space is also available on the internet but due to the inclusion of thousands of new websites it would be too difficult to find the desired placement. Being added on the web directory would not yield the results immediately but in a short while your site will slowly be boosted and get popular among the web users as more people would have an access to you link on various web directories across the internet. The web directories are normally listed manually by human editors and encoders; your site would be exposed to many web viewers and avail popularity and recognized by many prominent individuals around the internet. Since the entire major search engines uses human edited web directory listings in their page ranking. Once you submit your website to the specific web directory, it would offer you an edge in search engine results. With the help of supportive software it would be largely possible for you to view your page rank, Google rank or Alexa rank and you can gauge the popularity of your site. Web directory submission is one of the methods of search engine optimization. By adding some other methods at the same time could have multiplied your efforts in offering your deserved popularity on the World Wide Web.
Most of the directories offer free listing services, some of them are charging some fees. The advantage being listed with the paid directories is your site would be listed on the directory within a week’s time. It is important for you to the right directory for the listing. Select quality directories like DMOZ and Yahoo as these sites offer free and paid listing services. Every directory has their own rules and you are required to learn them thoroughly. Always offer correct information about your website such as URL, title, description and key words and a valid email address to avoid the rejection. Mention the key words of your website in the title text and description as these would be used to locate your website on the net. Always use descriptive texts and more realistic statements about your website. The website should have good page layout and well equipped with effective navigation. Eliminate the ads and other affiliate links for the better acceptance of your website.

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