Web Directory submission- sure shot key to increase web traffic

Want to enhance your website’s online traffic and want to achieve recognition to be acknowleged on the World wide Web, then submit your website on Web Directory. It is a link directory on the Internet, which specializes in linking to the other web sites and categorising those links. But to use Web Directories in a good manner, you first need to understand what Search Engines Optimization (SOE) are and how they work.Search Engine Optimization optimizes your website for the search engines like Yahoo andGoogle, which gets you a higher ranking and thus results in increased web traffic. SOE does not display web pages on the basis of keywords, but it lists them on the basis of category and sub-category. And categorisation is not done on the basis of page or few key words, but it is done on the whole web site basis. You can directly submit your website for inclusion, after the Web Directory editors have reviewed it as fit for inclusion.
To increase your web traffic, ranking and your profits,, there are two things you need to do –
• Firstly, you need to make your website search engine friendly. This is because, if the search engine finds your website , it will not able to index all your web pages because it wont be able to find all links but only few of them. And moreover it wont be able to assess what your website contains or what it is all about? It wont get your main theme and then it wont be able to rank your website properly.
• Secondly, You need to create external links pointing towards your URL. The search engines find your website through links. And these links are created when you submit your website to a web directory, as the main purpose of these directories is to provide a list of links of web sites which come under the category of the request sent by the online visitors.
There are many advantages of these submission. One main advantage is that it boost and maximizes the desired web traffic towards your web site. And in due course of time your website becomes popular as more and more people gets links to visit your website. This desired web traffic can then be turned into potential customers and finally into clients. This also increases you web ranking. When a request is sent by an online visitor, search engines tracks a site’s rank by certain key words. And one of these contains the links to the website. And the ranks are directly proportionate to the number of links. So the more quality links you have , the better your rank will be. Other advantages are – link building, interlinking, descriptions, blogs and content and copy writing. Search All World is one of the leading provider of Web Directory submissions and they offer a vast network to their clients through their online portal.

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